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Standing out or standing alone? Balls are thrown, rolled and entwined between limbs to assert dominance over the space. Team up or be blackballed.

DYAD II (2019)

What forms can a duet take?


R0BIN (2020)

This piece was made especially for Outrageous Behaviour Festival 2020, hosted by Impact Dance at Battersea Arts Centre. IU was invited to respond to the theme of what we thought was Outrageous. 

R0BIN depicted 5 thieves and fraudsters who start off believing they are stealing from the rich to get themselves out of poverty but are then blinded by materialistic greed. 


We self produced our own documentary to notable  time in history. In this 6-part documentary you will get to learn about Instigate Unknown, but also better understand the practices, and elements of our lives as artists, that we have been able to identify and appreciate.

We held auditions in March and then went straight into lockdown. Everything we have built and everything that we know about our new company is from the comfort and discomfort of our own homes.

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